Adriana Cooper interview in Revista Arcadia

"Con fotos y textos de Tom Griggs y Paul Kwiatkowski, ambos autores revisan cómo la ausencia que sigue a la muerte produce recuerdos marcados y complejos de entender. Aquí también puede verse cómo se entienden las relaciones humanas a través de la tecnología y lo medios visuales, pues los fotógrafos se preguntan '¿cómo entender que aquello que nos mantiene unidos también nos desarticula?'. O '¿cómo el aislamiento de muchas cosas en la vida se convirtió en la base de nuestra participación en ella?'."

Arvind Dilawar interview in The Smart Set

"Part memoir, part meditation on loss, surveillance, perspective, and paradox, Ghost Guessed blurs the lines between the authors’ lives, between personal and public tragedies, between the past and the present. Griggs' and Kwiatkowski’s photography not only illustrates the book’s twin narratives — the intentional return to the White Earth Indian Reservation in rural Minnesota, where Griggs’ cousin’s plane went down and a coincidental trip to cosmopolitan Kuala Lumpur, where the search for closure continues — but further pushes their exploration."

Review in Magazine Issue 2019-2

Photo-Eye, 2018 Favorite Photobooks, selected by Alejandro Cartagena

"The book asks of us to let go of looking for specific answers about what 'it's about' and drags us down a spiral of incertitude that slowly, like a movie, develops into an experience of the issue itself. We are made to feel the denial, the anger, and a possible acceptance of things that are out of our control. I truly enjoyed the flow of the texts and images playing on each other."

Brad Feuerhelm, American Suburb X, Photobooks 2018

"It’s a fascinating story and it is handled expertly by the authors. I find this kind of title exceeds the photographic community and becomes more of historical book with great images, something that neither field seems to know how to incorporate. Photography books with text of this magnitude are often unruly and historical books with too many photographs the same. This bridges that gap nicely."

LensCulture, "Favorite Photobooks of 2018", Selected by Mariela Sancari

"Ghost Guessed is a fascinating and intriguing reflection on private life and memory through the use of archival photos and personal, autobiographical texts that create a parallel between the transmutation of images in a society shaped by visual culture, and the changes we experience on our own as we pass through life."

Humble Booklist: 32 Photobooks That Dropped Our Jaws in 2018

Jonathan Blaustein review in A Photo Editor

"The story is told through some particularly excellent writing, and then a barrage of different styles of images from different types of capture...Overall, it’s an excellent project. The design, structure, photography, and text are all standout, and help the book forge an emotional connection with viewer."

Michael Chovan-Dalton interview on Real Photo Show podcast

Zack Ravas review in ZYZZYVA

"In tracing the lingering hold of technology on us, from disasters in the skies to social media feeds, and the devastating losses that can impact a family for years, Paul Kwiatkowski and Tom Griggs have crafted the rare multimedia work that one can declare profound."

Leo Hsu review in Fraction Magazine

"Ghost Guessed is a ranging exploration of the fluid and malleable nature of memory, the alienating forms of mediated information, and the role that grief and traumas, both violent and nonviolent, can have in shaping our experiences."

Miss Rosen review in Feature Shoot

"Yet, as Ghost Guessed reminds us, there is no escape. Not from the distractions or distances we seek, nor from grief itself. It lurks in the dark until called to the light, and when it reveals itself, it demands attention. It is a reckoning, and will not be denied. It commands, calling this book forth."

Ghost Guessed named "photobook that has most impressed so far" in 2018 in The British Journal of Photography, selected by Mariela Sancari

Natasha Christia review in 1000 Words

"Ghost Guessed by Tom Griggs and Paul Kwiatowski is a brilliant meditation on disorientation amidst a groundless world of increasing digitisation, expanded horizons and prolonged absences."

Ghost Guessed

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